Shape your Technology Enterprise Day

When Mob Happy launched in 2017, it was always with the aim of increasing the percentage of women agency owners by supporting existing founders on their journey, and inspiring up and coming leaders.

Our mastermind events have been run as not-for-profit, allowing us to invest in initiatives that help develop digital and creative skills, and events where students can explore ideas to be excited and engaged in STEM subjects (science, technology, engineering and mathematics)

Wednesday 5th June myself, Krishna Solanki and Emma Sheppard took part in the first Mob-Happy sponsored ‘Shape your Technology’ enterprise day at Ridgefield Primary School in Cambridge, fantastically organised by Form The Future.

The aim of the ‘Shape your Technology’ day was to get students thinking about what excites them, what they enjoy about STEM, and to take that knowledge to come up with novel ideas, themed around technology, to enhance their own school setting. 

With students aged 9-11, this is a great time to encourage imaginative thinking about jobs and their futures. A chance for them to learn more about business, and to have a go at creating a technological product from initial design to market.

On the day

The students were tasked with creating, developing and pitching a business idea which they would work together on in teams, supported by working professional volunteers. They were encouraged to think about how their business, product or service idea might be applied to the outdoor spaces at the school, improving them in some way.

Over the course of the day the students had to develop an idea, think about who their customers would be and the competition. They had to develop a name and logo, then think about price and marketing - no mean feat.

Ideas spanned from eco conscious jewellery made from discarded litter around the school, to roof top gardens constructed over the bicycle sheds where own grown vegetables could be grown to use in the school kitchens. An innovative, wearable, digital study aid really impressed the judges and walked away with the prize for best innovation.

A real desire for the products and services to be eco friendly was a pleasant recurring theme throughout the day - it was encouraging to hear so much social consciousness from a group of 9-11 year olds, I only wish I’d had their outlook at that age.

We were been blown away by the talent and creativity from our future leaders, so many innovative and smart ideas on how to make STEM subjects more inclusive and part of the curriculum. Each and every student developed their skills in teamwork, problem solving, presentation and innovative thinking. 

We hope this goes some way in helping students understand that finding a job doesn’t have to just be a case of working for someone else – they could aim to run their own business one day.

Thank you to everyone that’s attended one of our mastermind sessions. The profits from these sessions have sponsored a superb event and helped shape the future careers of brilliant year 5-6 pupils.

Kelly MolsonComment