An advisory board for your agency.

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What is Mob Happy?

Mob Happy is a peer-to-peer network for women agency owners. We run small, intimate mastermind groups that focus on supporting each other based on our shared experiences. An advisory board for your agency.

The aim of the network is to increase the percentage of women agency owners, by supporting existing founders on their journey, and inspiring up and coming leaders. We are women focused and led, but open to all genders.

In 2018 we launched the Mob Happy Meetup - a free meetup for all creatives, freelancers and agency folk are aspiring to scale and grow their business.

Our Manifesto

01. Supportive

Supporting existing agency owners on their journey. 

02. Inspiring

Inspire up and coming leaders. Matching founders of start up/small, growing and established agencies with each other.

03. Accountable

Ideas that can be implemented and you are held accountable for.

04. Safe

Chatham House rules apply.


Support : Inspire


Monthly Masterminds

Are you focused, enthusiastic, and keen to support other women in agency world? Come and join the Mob Happy Agency Growth Mastermind for women agency owners.

Masterminds are full of value, a safe place where you can share challenges, concerns or celebrations. You bring a challenge you need help with, and in turn receive constructive, supportive advice from other agency owners who’ve faced similar situations.

You can drop in and out when you have time, there’s no monthly monetary commitment - just pay as you go. Every attendee is added to our community LinkedIn group to carry on supporting online.

Our events run as not-for-profit and we partner with a different organisation each year, supporting initiatives that encourage more diversity in the digital and creative industries.



Our Monthly Masterminds run the 4th Tuesday of every month in Cambridge.

Every attendee leaves with something practical and inspiring to improve their agency, and the accountability to achieve those improvements.

Maximum 8 attendees

Mob Happy Meetup

The Mob Happy Meetup is a free meetup for all creatives, freelancers and agency folk in Cambridge that are aspiring to scale and grow their business.

Each event we'll hold a panel discussion with exciting speakers from local agencies, all who've taken that leap and grown from from one to many.


Join the Community.